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Solana Breakout Looms – Will SOL Retake $100 Before Start Of February?


Solana Breakout Looms – Will SOL Retake $100 Before Start Of February?

Solana, the high-performance blockchain darling, spent today grappling with the $100 mark. Having rallied to within spitting distance earlier, the native token (SOL) retreated slightly but held onto most recent gains, hovering primarily above $97. This price point has emerged as a key battleground, analysts say, with significant selling pressure poised at the century mark.

Solana’s 2023 Surge And Challenges

2023 was a stellar year for Solana, a stark contrast to its previous rollercoaster ride. Fuelled by factors including network upgrades and booming DeFi projects, SOL soared to a record high near $125 in December, clocking in a staggering 1,100% gain since January.

Despite today’s hesitation, Solana’s performance continues to draw admirers.

“I see it as a potentially even better protocol than Ethereum for major crypto uses,” declared Joe DiPasquale, CEO of BitBull Capital, praising its speed, low fees, and increasing popularity.

SOL 24-hour and seven-day price action. Source: Coingecko

This sentiment echoes widespread confidence in Solana’s technical prowess. Hosam Mahmoud, a research analyst at CCData, highlights the growing number of active wallets and record transaction volumes on the network as key drivers of investor faith. “These metrics, along with consistent advancements, are reinforcing bullish sentiment,” he explains.

However, the climb to $100 hasn’t been smooth. Armando Aguilar, an independent analyst, points to persistent selling pressure around this level, noting its “ongoing” rejection by the market. This raises questions about whether Solana can break through resistance and sustain its momentum.

Solana currently trading at $97.29 on the daily chart: TradingView.com

Crypto Uncertainties: Bitcoin Consolidation, Solana Strength

The expansive realm of the cryptocurrency market is not immune to uncertainties, and its dynamics are often shaped by the performance of key players. Bitcoin, regarded as the bellwether of the digital currency space, has recently displayed indications of consolidation following a noteworthy rally.

The future trajectory of the top coin is of particular significance, as its movements have the potential to exert a substantial impact on the overall market sentiment, including that of Solana.

Despite the near-term hurdles, Solana’s fundamentals remain strong as it stands at a crossroads. While the $100 barrier presents a challenge, the underlying strengths of its network and the bullish whispers from analysts paint a promising picture.

In the face of extreme volatility of digital currency markets, some commentators have voiced their optimism for the Solana network and its native cryptocurrency.

Portfolio Manager Brett Munster of Blockforce Capital is one of these market watchers. He made notice of Solana’s strong momentum as the year winds down.

Whether Solana can conquer its resistance and continue its ascent remains to be seen, but one thing’s clear: the high-performance blockchain is far from fading into the background.

Featured image from Freepik, chart from TradingView

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